What Do You Really Need?

New shooters face a much bigger dilemma when it comes to choosing their first gun than those did in days gone by. Shoppers are confronted with so many choices now… and what’s more, many of those choices are actually good choices. It can be overwhelming, for sure.

Despite the challenge, a purchase is eventually made based on recommendations, look, feel, price and (hopefully) first-hand experience. Let me just say, any money you spend renting and actually shooting guns that interest you is often well worth the extra expense. Nothing tells the tale quite like how a gun actually feels to shoot!

After some time, though, you reach a point with that new gun where you wonder if a different choice might serve you better. More to the point, you may be tempted to think that a different gun would allow you to shoot better.

That… is dangerous ground! Why?

Well, look. Certainly, good gear matter and sometimes a new gun or accessory is warranted. You want a pistol that is reliable and not too big or too small for you to handle. It should have sights you can see and should function properly. That is our baseline and it is a solid foundation to build skill upon.

Make no mistake, though. We as consumers get bombarded by marketing designed to cultivate a desire for what we don’t have. You are made to believe that all that you lack to be the shooter you want to be is some new gun or gadget. That is total hogwash.

Assuming you have some training under your belt, the single, biggest thing you need to get better as a shooter is more time shooting.

Think about it. Starting prices for a quality pistol are somewhere in the $450-550 range. That same money could buy you 1000 rounds of 9mm, monthly range trips and quarterly private lessons with an instructor. Which of the two paths is really going to help you progress? ;-)

As long as you have a reliable, well-functioning pistol, choose to spend your money on what really moves the needle on the skills gauge: ammo, range time and training.

Save those new gun purchases for special occasions and as a reward for meeting your shooting goals. You’ll be glad you did!

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