The Defensive Preparedness Triad

Mindset | Skills | Tools.

These are the three things we must equip ourselves with for success in self-defense.

Mindset is the most important.

Your head has to be in the game. You have to be aware of what is going on around you. Situational awareness, above all else, can help you avoid trouble!

You also have to be ready (and willing) to deal with trouble when it is unavoidable. You have to be mentally prepared to fight and have the will to win when fighting is the only option left.

Not survive: win!

Skills are next.

The proper mindset will go a long way towards keeping you and your loved ones safe. You must have the skills to back up that mindset, though. The willingness to fight when it is time will only carry you into the fight – you have to be able to win!

Skills take many forms. Doing this right means being a student for life! It is truly a lifestyle.

You should be training with good instructors on a regular basis to develop technique. You must practice often enough to maintain and grow your abilities.

Your training should cover more than shooting, as well. Basic trauma care, empty hand skills, and less lethal tools are but a few of the non-shooting skills you should develop.

Finally, we have Tools.

Tools can be a force multiplier. Proper tool selection allows us to be more efficient and effective.¬†Tools need skills to use, though – it isn’t enough just to possess them. ;-) You must master their use.

Yep, reality check!

That may mean you need to stop changing up your tools all the time and focus on getting better with a few solid choices!

Oh, and just to say it: your choice of tools starts with your body. What, you say? Of course, you only have the body you were born with. It is up to you to take care of it and make the most of its capabilities. Being prepared starts with being in the best physical condition you can manage!

Don’t skimp on staying healthy!

One final note: the foundation for all of these things is Education.

You must continually be broadening your mindset, deepening your skillset and sharpening your toolset based on on solid, proven training, education and experience. The complacence that comes from feeling like you do not need to train or learn has been the downfall of many… don’t let that be you!

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