Author: Tim

Anyone Can Make a Mistake

Why do we have safety rules? Why are the rules designed to be multi-layered? Everyone makes mistakes. None of us are perfect. We all get distracted. We all have lapses of judgment. We all get tired. We all have times when we catch ourselves looking at what we have just done thinking whaaat??? There is […]

The Defensive Preparedness Triad

Mindset | Skills | Tools. These are the three things we must equip ourselves with for success in self-defense. Mindset is the most important. Your head has to be in the game. You have to be aware of what is going on around you. Situational awareness, above all else, can help you avoid trouble! You […]

What Do You Really Need?

New shooters face a much bigger dilemma when it comes to choosing their first gun than those did in days gone by. Shoppers are confronted with so many choices now… and what’s more, many of those choices are actually good choices. It can be overwhelming, for sure. Despite the challenge, a purchase is eventually made […]

Where Are You?

I often hear students and other shooters say how overwhelming the information and “advice” they find online and from friends can be.  The world can be a fire hose of information – both good and bad, sound and unsound. You can go from the shallows to very deep water in the space of a single […]