Who? What? Huh?

About Me

OK, so who am I? What day is it? Where are my shoes? :) Just kidding…

I should start by saying that I am a long time firearms enthusiast and student of the gun, so to speak. I took up shooting out of need but found I really enjoyed it. As is usually my way, when I enjoy something I tend to dive in deep and it wasn’t long before I was seeking out all of the information on what it means to shoot well, how it is done and what I needed to do to get on that path.

My training business was established – first unofficially, teaching friends and family what I had learned, and now officially – as a natural progression of my own growth as a student. Yes, a good teacher is still a student! Honestly I see myself more as a coach – I can help you see things you maybe cannot and teach you the foundational concepts, but you are the performer and you have to put in the work. I’m here to keep you honest and on track! :)

My teaching style is low key. I don’t believe you learn best by drinking from a firehose or being screamed at. I try to give each student just enough of a push in the right direction and then monitor their progress to make sure they are practicing properly. After that it is down to the student putting in the time and work!

What is this Gray Man thing?

“Gray Man” is a term used to describe someone who does not draw unneeded attention to themselves. They blend in with their surroundings, in how they dress, how they carry themselves, and how they behave. The term is particularly apt for those of us who carry concealed. We should NOT stand out in a crowd… :)

This website is where I will be sharing concepts and strategies to help us all to that end – to blend in, to stay safe, to avoid trouble.